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How to Choose a Coworking Space

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There are 20+ coworking spaces and numbers of cafes you can work remotely in Chiang Mai.

Where is the best coworking space?



It's the most important to pick one near your accomodation.

If you are living in Nimman, choose one in Nimman.

If you are living in Old City, choose one in Old City. That's it.


Opening hours

Some opens 24/7, some closes once a week. Don't complain it's closed which you didn't know.


Wi-Fi Speed

It's important to save your time. Get a day pass before you buy a weekly or monthly pass.



Some has cozy atmosphere while some has more office-ish atmosphere.



There's no big differences. Don't waste your time to find the cheapest. 


Hot/Cold Desk

A "hot desk" refers to a shared workspace like a library. on the other hand, a "cold desk" is a designated workspace reserved for you, whether or not you are present on any given day.



Do you want to work alone quietly? or do you want to mingle with other people?

Depending on your needs, your favorite coworking space may be different.

Perhaps, you don't need one. Home office is also a good choice.








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