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How to Live a Life as a Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai

Is it worth living in Chiang Mai?
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  • Cost of Living

It is cheap. Local people here lives a month with around $400. Digital Nomads who will live here for more than 3 months will cost around $900 per month. 

Your Grab Delivery fee costs only 10~15 THB which is less then 0.4 USD. If you order a pork basil stir-fried rice, or Pad Krapao Moo Sap using Grab Delivery, it'll cost only 50 THB including delivery.

Housing is also reasonable. A very fancy condominium such as 'The Astra' 50m2 one-bedroom suite will cost around 20,000 THB per month. However, if you are looking for a rent for less than 6 months, the price may be 1.5 times or more.

  • Weather

It's quite hot from April to October, but it's pretty pleasant between December and February. You might need a long-sleeves in the morning of winter season.


  • Internet

Not bad. According to SPEEDTEST, both mobile and fixed internet is pretty fast.

Also, it doesn't take long to set up internet in your condo.


  • Enjoy

Unlike Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya, you won't have much entertainment here in Chiang Mai. 

Chiang Mai is a quiet and secluded city, more suitable for a slow life enjoying nature.



  • Local People

Not many people speak English. So if you don't speak Thai, you will often have communication problems with most of the locals. The locals are kind, but not many people actively try to interact with foreigners, so it's best to learn a survival level of Thai.


  • Nightlife

I don't think most people don't come here seeking for nightlife. But, you can still find bars and karaokes in some area.


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