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How to Open a Bank Account in Chiang Mai

Open a bank account with a tourist Visa
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It's not easy to open a bank account with a tourist visa.

It is possible, but it's really hard. 


Below are required documents from Bangkok Bank.


1. Foreigner with a work permit

  • Passport
  • Work Permit

 2. Foreigner without work permit

  • Passport
  • A reference letter issued by one of the following institutes or organizations or required document
    • Embassy located  in Thailand 
    • An overseas bank where the customer holds an account sent via SWIFT 
    • Trusted individuals such as a Bangkok Bank staff member or customer, director of a private company, permanent residence in Thailand, government or private educational institutes located in Thailand trusted by the Bank
    • Trusted companies, e.g., an employment letter from the company if the customer is in the process of applying for a work permit.
    • Document showing ownership of a fixed asset such as a condominium sale/purchase agreement (a condominium which is acceptable to Bangkok Bank) Or a property reservation agreement valued at 100,000 baht or more with a reference letter from the property developer that is acceptable to Bangkok Bank.

Notes: Contact addresses for both Thailand and overseas must be provided (hotel and P.O. Box addresses are not acceptable).


3. Foreigner with permanent residence in Thailand

  • Passport, Certificate of Residence, or Alien Certificate 
  • House Registration document


Technically, it is not easy to get a reference letter. But if you are a ed-visa holder, they accept it instead of work permit or reference letters.

Moreover, it seems to vary by branch. Some would just say no no no. So it's just like the matter of probablities.

But many people say that "Bangkok Bank" and "Kasikorn Bank" tend to be more friendly to foreigners.





This article was updated on 2022-10-07.

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