Published 2024-02-07 20:51:45

How to Travel from Udon Thani to Chiang Mai

3 Options: Airplane, Train, Bus
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By airplane

Of course, airplane is the fastest way to get there. It takes only 60 minutes to travel from Udon Thani and Chiang Mai. 

But there is only one direct flight from Udon Thani to Chiang Mai and vice versa. So, there's only one airline, NOK AIR.

The price for one-way is around 2000 Thai Baht.


2500 THB with 25kg baggage allowance


If you need 20+kg baggage, you must go with Nok MAX.


By Train

There's no direct train. You need to transfer at Bangkok, which is riduculous.

So just forget about train option.



By bus

It takes almost 12 hours by bus.

The prices are ok. but the seats are not as comfortable as the ones you can get from Bangkok.


Since it is a long travel, your seat has to be comfortable. and there's only one option: VIP24.




This article was published on 2024-02-07.

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