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How to Travel From Bangkok to Chiang Mai

3 Options: Airplane, Train, Bus (Updated 2024)
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By airplane

Airplane is the fastest way obviously. It takes only 70 minutes to travel from Bangkok and Chiang Mai. 

There are two airports you can choose from in Bangkok. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport.

You don't need to worry about flight schedules because a lot of domestic flights between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

As you can see from below, it's almost every 30 minutes.

Then, how much does it cost?

It's quite cheap in fact. But prices of flights changes dynamically depending on your travel date and hour.

However, if you have extra checked baggage the price can be doubled.

Of course the extra baggage fee is different by airlines and travel agencies.


One thing you should consider is that if you choose Thai Airways or Thai Smile instead of other LCCs, your flight fare already includes 20kg checked baggage.

So if you choose Nokair 900 baht and 20kg baggage 800 baht, it's total 1,700 baht, whereas if you choose Thai Airways 1,395 baht you don't need to pay extra.





By Train

Oddly enough, the overnight train, which takes 13 hours, is very popular. 

There are two prefered trains, #9 and #13.

Train #9 departs from Bangkok Hua Lamphong Station at 18:10PM, and it arrives 07:15AM next day.

Train #13 departs from Bangkok Hua Lamphong Station at 19:35PM, and it arrives 08:40AM next day.

Train #9 is newer and more expensive.


You can also take the train from Don Mueang or other stations near Bangkok depending on your location.


The old train schedule is as below, which departs from Hua Lamphong station. But now Hua Lamphong station is gone.


Your train now departs from Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal Station


Now, you can only take the night train from Krung Thep Aphiwat Station.  If you try to book a ticket within one week, you will encounter the following reservation situation.

Therefore, to secure your reservation, it is advisable to complete the reservation one month in advance. In fact, to tell the truth, even one month in advance is not completely safe.



Train #9 seats and fares

Seat Type Fare
1st Class A/C Sleeper

Upper Berth 1,453 THB
Lower Berth 1,653 THB

Charter Room (Single Occupancy) 2,453 THB

2nd Class A/C Sleeper

Upper Berth 941 THB
Lower Berth 1,041 THB


2nd Class Sleeper (Train #9)

2nd Class Sleeper

2nd Class Sleeper (Train #9)

2nd Class Sleeper (Train #9)

2nd Class Sleeper (Train #9)


Dining Car


1st Class Sleeper Car (Below  Train #9)



Train #13 seats and fares

Seat Type Fare
1st Class A/C Sleeper

Upper Berth 1,253 THB
Lower Berth 1,453 THB

Charter Room (Single Occupancy) 1,953 THB

2nd Class A/C Sleeper

Upper Berth 771 THB
Lower Berth 841 THB

2nd Class Fan Coach 471 THB
3rd Class Fan Coach 311 THB


2nd Class A/C Sleeper (Train #13)


2nd Class A/C Sleeper (Train #13)


1st Class (Train #13)


1st Class (Train #13)



Do I need a reservation?

Yes, you'd better make a reservation at least 3~4 weeks prior to your departure, or your 1st Class sleeper train will be sold out.


Will there be any place to stop by?


If you are thinking to visit Ayutthaya before going to Chiang Mai, you don't need to come back to Bangkok to take this sleeper train.

Lop Buri is also worth a try if you are fond of rural area with minimum infrastructure.






By bus

It takes 10 hours by bus, which is faster than by train.

I'd recommend VIP20 bus only at this moment. 

924 THB on-site, 1,016 THB online.


This type of bus has only 20 seats.






This article was updated on 2024-02-04.

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