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What types of VISA do I need

Why do I need a education visa?
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There are four main types of Thai visas.


1. Tourist Visa

2. Non-Immigrant Visa with work permit

3. Non-Immigrant Visa witout work permit

4. Elite Visa


In this article, I'll only talk about 1 & 3. Because that's the most digital nomads need here.


Depending on your nationality, you can extend your tourist visa. Some can extend up to 270 days with STV (Special Tourist Visa).

It's often called 'Digital Nomad Visa'. But this visa type is not commonly known in Thailand. So, if you want to open a bank account with STV visa, it's not going to be easy. They might ask you for a work permit.

What I recommend is education visa.

You need to apply for the visa before you come to Thailand. Of course you have to register for a language school (or another school). It costs only 15,000 THB for 3 months (100 hours). Most language schools support for ed-visa. You can extend your ed-visa every 3 months. It's also possible to enter Thailand with a tourist visa (60+days) and convert it to ed-visa. But it also takes 3~5 weeks to get a visa. Furthermore, it requires more documents. So it's best to get a visa before your travel. Note that it can take another 4~5 weeks depending on the country where you apply for ed-visa.




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